What is the difference between Essential Extracts Solvent-less Products and “bubble hash” made by other Providers?

Essential Extracts takes great pride in their extract art. We take every precaution to be as gentle with the plant as possible. We even go as far as utilizing different washing machines for agitating different materials. We view hash making as a science and as an art form, controlling as many pertinent variables as possible. Our goal is quality over quantity and we maintain this in the appearance, smell, flavor and pure melt of our product.

I heard you were selling the extraction bags you use to make your solvent-less wax, is that true?

Introducing the newest in Cold Water Extraction technology: The Essential Bags! After years of Research and Development, the first extraction bags to keep the Extract Artist and his pocket in mind have been constructed of the strongest no leak material available! Guaranteed not to rip, tear, flake, or crease! Yet, lightweight and shorter than our competitors, for easier maneuverability! Available in 5 or 20 Gallon sets (Size of the 20 gallon can be compared to competitors’ “32s”) – Fits perfectly in a 20-gallon brute container! Custom “Essential Extracts” 5 bag micron range of 220, 120, 70, 38 & 25 for both size sets. Extended mesh. Grommets for pulley systems Essential Extracts’ fully tested and approved! Coming soon to http://www.essentialextracts.co!!

What is Freeze Dried Solvent-less?

“Freeze Dried Solvent-less” is created using a patented cold water extraction method to produce a concentrate using absolutely zero chemical solvents. Freeze Dried Solvent-less is synonymous to Water Hash or Bubble Hash, but represents a higher echelon of quality. All of our Solvent-less Products are
dried using a freeze drying process to retain as much flavor, smell and freshness as possible while making sure absolutely zero moisture exists.

What is Solvent-less Rosin?

“Solvent-less Rosin” is created by taking our Freeze Dried Solvent-less and pressing it with a little bit of heat to separate the waxes from the oils. Our Solvent-less Rosin dabs just like any solvent extract and uses absolutely no chemical solvents, hydrocarbons, nor C02! Consistency can range from a batter to shatter appearance.

What are microns?

A micron is a unit of measurement primarily used in Europe to calculate microscopic increments. Essential Extracts uses the term to differentiate grades of Solvent-less Hash and Solvent-less Wax due to the fact that they are separating the various sized trichome heads from their stalks.

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