Our Mission: To provide the strongest, most clean, solvent-less cannabis concentrates to patients and recreational users of Colorado and world wide.

OG Essential Capsules are 100% Solvent-less and contain only ultra-pure natural cannabinoids and coconut oil contained in an organic gluten free vegan capsule. OG Essential Capsules are free from pesticides, solvents, bacteria, toxins, or other contaminants. Our Capsules offer the full spectrum of natural cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, and CBN. Because of our unique production methods, you can count on the same effect and consistent relief from every Essential Capsule. OG Essential Capsules dosages are dependable, adjustable and repeatable. In addition, they have a long shelf life when properly stored. OG products are specifically formulated and packaged for patients who desire a natural alternative to the standard solvent-based cannabis oil capsules.

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“I love waking up every day, knowing that the medicine we are creating is making a difference in patients’ lives, and slowly weaning them off of harmful pharmaceuticals like Oxycontin and Morphine.”
– Nikka T, Owner

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h2Wholesale Concentrates
For licensed MMC, RM, OPC and MIP companies only.

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